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Andrew Manaylo: A Dance of Vitality and Spontaneity at Noble Art Nexus

Noble Art Nexus is thrilled to spotlight Andrew Manaylo, an artist whose creations are a vibrant blend of emotion, color, and texture. His works, deeply rooted in his rich artistic lineage and personal evolution, offer a vivid journey through abstract realms, making them a treasure for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Andrew Manaylo: A Dance of Vitality and Spontaneity at Noble Art Nexus

Channeling Emotions Through Vivid Colors and Textures

"In every stroke and hue, I channel emotions that transcend aesthetics. My art, a dance of vitality and spontaneity, is a legacy of lineage and passion. Each piece, whether from 'Genesis', 'Côte d'Azur' or 'Soul Vibrations', is a window to my soul, a journey through abstract realms." - Andrew Manaylo

Born into a family deeply entrenched in fine art, Manaylo's paintings are recognized as investment-worthy by experts. His art pieces have found their place alongside legends like Warhol and Dalí, showcasing his prominence in the contemporary art scene.

A Legacy of Lineage and Passion

Manaylo's art is a testament to his instinctive symbolism, transcending mere aesthetic conditions. His work is known for its vitality, energy, and spontaneity. From the "GENESIS" art series to "CÔTE d'AZUR" and "SOUL VIBRATIONS", each collection showcases his unique approach to contemporary art.

Born in Ukraine, Manaylo's artistic journey was influenced by his family's legacy. His grandfather, Fedor Manaylo, was a central figure in Transcarpathian art, and his father, Ivan Manaylo, also pursued a career in art. This lineage has greatly influenced Manaylo's work, and he continues to uphold his family's artistic legacy.

Innovative Techniques and Symbolism

Manaylo's art is rich in symbolism, from the explosive energy represented by energetic strokes to the use of specific color palettes. His innovative techniques, such as painting on plexiglass or aluminum panels and incorporating LED backlighting, align with modern artistic trends and interior design.

His series, particularly the "Genesis" series, embodies his creative search and philosophical reflections on existence. The series is rich in symbolism, from the explosion representing the raw energy of the initial chaos to the apples symbolizing the beginning of human history on Earth.


Andrew Manaylo's art is a dynamic blend of emotion, color, and texture. His work is a testament to his artistic lineage, personal journey, and continuous evolution as an artist. His paintings are not just pieces of art; they are expressions of his soul, making them a valuable addition to any art collection.

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