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Dancing with Colors: An Artistic Symphony of Andrew Manaylo

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

"Ever imagined a painting that dances? With Andrew Manaylo's 'Soul Vibrations', art doesn't just sit – it grooves! Picture this: a jazz session where colors replace sound. No scripts, no plans, just pure, spontaneous emotion splashed on canvas. And the coolest part? You get to DJ with your phone, changing the painting's mood to match yours. It's not just about seeing, it's about feeling. So, next time you're before a 'Soul Vibrations' masterpiece, remember: you're not just watching, you're part of the jam!"

Charlotte Nichols - Art writer

Dancing with Colors: An Artistic Symphony of Andrew Manaylo

Soul Vibrations: When An Artist Dances With Their Brush

Here's a bit of an artistic romp: Imagine you are an artist who doesn't just paint but dances with the canvas. Andrew Manaylo, in his 'Soul Vibrations' series, not just makes art but also leaps into the fray, blending with his artwork like butter in hot toast. In essence, he creates himself on the canvas.

He isn't just slapping paint on the canvas. No sir, he’s conducting an orchestra of colors, each shade, and texture carefully chosen like a music note, in accordance with his internal symphony of intuition. And this isn't your average jam; it's more jazz, flowing freely and spontaneously, dictated by emotions and internal experiences.

Imagine your favorite jazz piece, now replace the sound with colors – that's 'Soul Vibrations' for you. The best part? No sheet music. No preparatory sketches. Manaylo just dives headfirst, relying on a cocktail of intuition, emotions, and the occasional spur of the moment mood swing. Even the choice of color palette is led by this emotional composition. Who knew that chaos could be this beautiful?

In this artistic chaos, Manaylo does something extraordinary: he invites the viewer into the painting. How, you ask? He illuminates the canvas in a way that emphasizes the relief of the painting surface, creating additional accents. This innovative trick gives the viewer the power to control the color of the illumination with their phone. Imagine changing the mood of a painting to match your room's vibe using just your phone – that's like being a co-artist!

Manaylo's paintings might just make you ask, "What do I see here?" or "What do I feel?" Well, sometimes, it's not about what you see, but about what you feel. It's like looking at clouds. Some might just see fluffy blobs in the sky while others might see a dragon battling a unicorn. Each person finds something unique that resonates with them.

In the 'Soul Vibrations' series, it's not about specific plots, but a vibrant burst of Manaylo's creative energy. Think of it as a lively cocktail of emotions, with bursts of paint as the fruity bits, energetic brushstrokes as the fizzy soda, and dynamic accents as the tangy lime twist.

To cap it off, there's also a subtle play with framing that balances out the emotional bursts. Imagine, if you will, a bit of meditative zen wrapped around the chaos. It’s like having a cup of calming chamomile tea after a rollercoaster ride.

So, if you ever find yourself standing in front of a 'Soul Vibrations' painting, remember, you're not just a spectator, you're an invited guest to the party. You're free to groove with the rhythm of the colors, ponder over your reflections, and even change the mood lighting. In the dance of creation, Manaylo’s brush leads, but your engagement with his art is the music.

In this series, the artist doesn't just reveal the inner workings of his soul; he invites you in for a jam session. Can you hear the colors yet?

Charlotte Nichols

Art writer, Los Angeles, CA

(More about Andrew Manaylo’s "Soul Vibrations" art series:

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